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Stand Out from the Masses of Bullshit DTC Ads.

Other Agencies
Low Content Quality
No Exclusive Creators
No Creative Strategy
Shoot and Hope Processes
No Multi Language Creators
Highest Content Quality
Exclusive Creator Pool
Sophisticated Creative Strategy
Bulletproofed Processes and Systems
Creators for DE; ENG; FR; IT; ES; PL; etc.
Why choose us?

Creative Strategy is king

... and we know how to build the castle.

Scripted Creatives

All scripted content. Orchestrated AI powered direct response copywriting and great creators acting makes performance creative win rates predictable.

Shooting Side by Side

We enable better sets, locations and creator performance with shooting side by side with creator and strategist.

Exclusive Creator Pool

Never find a creator on your competitors ads. We offer men, women, diverse people in all kind of types to target your audience or acquire new ones.

Performance Design

Performance Design is knowing how to grab attention and hook the user over and over again.

The most thoughtful performance creative production process.

Creative Strategy

In-Depth Creative Strategy& Roadmapping

AI powered market research, competitor and cross industry analysis are the start for our process. This makes a solid base for creative testing.

Conception & Copywriting

The secret sauce is, to combine real creativity and data drivenness. We combine classic creative work with direct response copywriting.

Direct Response Marketing
Coached Creators
Exclusive Creator Pool

Creator Management 
Content Production

Our own diverse and exclusive pool of creators unlocks to target new audiences and kill ad fatigue.

Postproduction & 

Performance Design

Performance Designers take the content and build highly engaging Attention grabbing and keeping it through micro optimization is the key.

Performance Design

Testing & Evaluation

Taking creatives into our creative testing setup and leveraging the results for new tests. What's the best SSR; CTR; VR; CPA; etc.? Now we know.

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Accelerate your growth with Creative-Strategy led Performance Creatives without any more effort your you and your team.

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Our Journey becoming Revolutioneers of Paid Social Creatives

Hi. 👋 We are Mara & Patrick – the founders of BARKERZ and CREATIVE DREAMS.

We’ve launched BARKERZ in 2021 as a paid social ads agency.

Mara created multi-channel marketing campaigns for huge brands in big creative agencies.

Patrick has 6-years of experience in d2c performance marketing and direct response copywriting.

Together we’ve combined the best of both worlds …

… and built the d2c Paid Social Ads Agency – BARKERZ.

With our team we have worked with some of the most inspiring brands in the d2c sector.

And in the meantime we found our biggest strength and assets: Performance Creatives.

Besides that there was a call from the market.

And a macro trend making creatives the most important factor for your ads.

So we’ve made a decision. Challenged all our processes, …

… optimized them for working together with in-house teams.

And finally founded CREATIVE DREAMS.

Your One-Stop-Shop solution for performance Ad Creatives.

Now we deliver Performance Ad Creatives in 7 different languages.

Have our own and exclusive creator pool.

And focus on delivering the highest ad creative quality in the market.

Glad that you read all that. We do all this with our team and love to connect with you.

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